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Mougeot Architecture utilizes the most current CAD and BIM technology to produce the documents required to fully convey project requirements. Three-dimensional modeling may also be utilized to open up avenues of visual conversation with owners and contractors, increasing everyone’s understanding of design intent and creating greater project team cohesion. Also, true to the roots of any architect, traditional hand sketching is another viable and expedient avenue used by Mougeot Architecture to share our vision and prompt informative discussions.


Mougeot Architecture is committed to providing innovative design which fits within the available project budget. Every project brings new and exciting opportunities for discovery. Space, light, context, materials, and earth converge to create new forms. As an artist creates a work of art one brush stroke at a time, we understand the importance of each project phase and give our full attention throughout the entire design/construction process.



Initial program meetings consist of site location, programming, scheduling, and budget conversations. This will help us to better understand the scope of your project. If the project’s scope needs direction, a feasibility study presents site analysis, design options, cost, and scheduling to help with the decision-making process.



Hand sketching, exploratory 3D models, and spatial organizations are utilized to reach a design consensus. Construction types begin to emerge. In this phase, the building orientation, circulation, and layout have been agreed upon between architect and client. Any consultants necessary for future development will be assigned to the project team.


Architectural drawings are created by translating sketches and models from loose associations into accurate representations of the building. In the design development stage, floor plans, elevations, and sections emerge and are expanded upon. HVAC, electrical, and structural systems are introduced and tailored to the required function of the space, and details and finishes are also brought to the forefront. As this crucial coordination phase progresses, the client can truly begin to visualize the anticipated final product.


Upon owner approval of interdisciplinary (Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, etc.) design intent, Construction Document finalization begins. In this phase, the level of detail and coordination is expanded to generate a full working set of plans and specifications. These “Construction Documents” serve as the final product distributed for obtaining required municipal approval, accurate contractor pricing, and clear/concise constructability.


Once Construction Documents are prepared and approved, our services continue as we guide our clients through the permitting, bidding, and construction process. Upon selection of qualified contractors, we emphasize a team philosophy as we administer the Construction Contract with a “hands-on approach” through building completion. Our end goal is to maintain client satisfaction with a successful project for all parties, delivered on time, and in budget.

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